Withdrawal & Dismissal

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What is Dismissal, Cancellation, & Withdrawal?

Opportunities to Pause & Reflect

Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Dismissal are all types of pauses in enrollment for students who are experiencing academic difficulty and require additional time to address the factors undermining their academic performance. Many strong students that have experienced academic setbacks leading to any of these enrollment pauses have been able to return and graduate from UC Berkeley!

Before the Semester


Before the Semester Withdrawals submitted prior to the first day of instruction for a term will be processed as a cancellation of registration. Students will need to apply for readmission in order to attend a future Fall or Spring semester.

During the Semester


Withdrawal means dropping all classes once the semester has started. Withdrawal of a Fall or Spring semester will also cancel any enrollment in future semesters and students will need to apply for readmission in order to attend a future Fall or Spring semester.

After the Semester


If you do not meet the terms of Academic Probation, you may be required to take a break from attending UC Berkeley. This is called being "dismissed”. The intent is to have students apply for Readmission back to the campus after they have taken a break.

Timeline to Request a Withdrawal

Meet with an EOP Academic Counselor to discuss your academic options and the Withdrawal process. Meet with a Cal Student Central Advisor to discuss if you will have to pay any prorated registration fees.  Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor as you may have to pay back all or part of your Financial Aid.  If you have an on-campus housing contract, be sure to meet with the Cal Housing Office to discuss the cancellation process and potential financial implications.

After reflecting on this info, you may make an informed decision that Withdrawing best meets your need - you can then proceed to submit a Withdrawal Request Form through CalCentral.

Please know that you can connect with EOP throughout this process! We are here for you and you do not have to navigate this road alone! 

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Before Pausing Enrollment

Academic Considerations

Classes taken during a semester that is withdrawn from will still count towards your pace of degree progress requirement as outlined by the Satisfactory Academic Progress conditions. This specific requirement asks that students complete at least 67% of their attempted units.  

Pausing enrollment through a Medical Withdrawal will require you to get clearance from University Health Services as part of your Readmission Application. This process may take up to 30 days.

Financial Consideration

Depending on which point you withdraw from a semester, you may be required to pay a portion of tuition/fees and financial aid that you received. Cancellation and Dismissal will require no prorated fees.

Students who withdraw while living in on-campus housing should be plan ahead for the ten day grace period to move out of their residence after submitting a housing contract cancellation. They should also plan on contacting the Cal Housing Office to understand any refunds or prorated housing fees they may be responsible for.

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After Pausing Enrollment

Taking Community College Classes 

Even though you may not be able to take classes at Cal, you can still strengthen your academic record by enrolling in courses at a community college, in-person or online. Before enrolling in any courses in another institution, be sure to consult with an advisor to ensure that the coursework will be transferrable to UC Berkeley.

Investing Into Your Mental Health

Balancing wellness while being a student can be difficult at times. During a pause in enrollment, you may have additional time to explore wellness resources such as mental health counseling, health coaching, and more.

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Preparing For Readmission

Meet with a College/Major Advisor

Certain colleges request that students who were dismissed fulfill specific conditions before seeking Readmission. To prepare for your return, we encourage you to reach out to your College or Major Advisor to understand your terms of Readmission.

Apply for the EOP Readmission Fee Waiver

The Readmission Application includes a $70 fee payable to UC Regents. However, EOP students are eligible for a fee waiver that covers the entire cost! To verify your eligibility and receive the fee waiver, schedule an appointment with a EOP counselor!

Apply for the R2R Seminar

Students who are readmitted to Cal with the Academic Probation status are eligible to apply to the R2R seminar! The R2R community can help support you with community and resources to make your readjustment to Cal as smooth as possible.

Timeline to Apply for Readmission

Meet with an EOP Academic Counselor to create an academic plan and clear all holds (except financial) on your account. If you withdrew for a medical reason, follow up with UHS to receive a health clearance. Collect transcripts of any coursework taken at a another college while absent. This includes any classes taken at a community college or UC Berkeley Extension. Attach your transcripts and EOP fee waiver to your Undergraduate Readmission Application and submit it directly to your college by June 1st for Fall Readmission or November 1st for Spring Readmission.

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Connect With EOP

Explore Our Resources

EOP offers year-round services for students who are readmitted! From free and reduced resources, workshops, to community events, visit our virtual community space to speak with someone who can help you explore what EOP has to offer! In addition, you can connect with our campus partners over at Financial Aid, the Career Center, the SLC, and Tang Center!

Meet With An Academic Counselor

Did you know that EOP offers holistic academic counseling through same-day and pre-scheduled appointments? During these one-on-one advising sessions, you can receive support for academic, financial, or other factors that are impacting your student experience. EOP also hosts Peer and Satellite Advising sessions where you can receive support from other students and departments!