New Admit Welcome

Congratulations Golden Bears & Welcome to UC Berkeley!

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at UC Berkeley is excited to join you and your family in celebrating this great accomplishment! This webpage offers a range of information and resources about the EOP community and campus at large. We understand you may be experiencing a range of emotions as you make this important decision. Our students and staff are excited to support you in navigating this process and welcome you to our EOP family. Please know that you are not alone in this journey!

IMPORTANT: Incoming students will have access to scheduling an appointment with an EOP Academic Counselor in the early summer after you: 1) accept your offer of admission AND 2) complete your Golden Bear Advising modules.   

We encourage you to view the Office of Undergraduate Admissions FAQ guides for more information about starting your Cal journey: 

Guide to Decision Release

Frosh Admit frequently Asked Questions guide 

Additional Questions? Email

What Is EOP?

EOP is one of several student support programs that are housed within the Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3). Undergraduates who meet one or more of the following criteria are considered EOP:

Low-income: Pell Grant or Dream Act Scholarship eligible as verified by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

First-generation College Student: Parent(s) have not graduated from a four-year college or university in the United States

Historically underrepresented students: African-American, Chicanx/Latinx, Native American Students and/or Pacific Islander

**Please note that non-immigrant international students studying at Berkeley on student visas are not considered EOP.

Proud to be EOP!

All EOP students benefit from individualized academic counseling, targeted programming, and our extensive campus referral network. In addition, students who meet the “low-income” criteria are also offered the services and benefits listed under the financial assistance section of our website (including various grants and fee reductions).

You do not need to apply to UC Berkeley’s EOP Program! You received a welcome message from us because you have been identified as a new admit who meets the criteria above.

Power in Community Day 2022

Listen to the student, staff and faculty speakers from our 2022 "Power in Community Day" to learn more about our campus community.

We're traveling near & far to meet you! 

EOP will also be participating various transfer welcome receptions hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions across California to personally welcome you and your family!  Find our EOP table to connect with EOP students and staff at the following events: 

May 6 - Golden Bear Welcome Resource Fair, Berkeley
May 9 - Pasadena
May 10 - Costa Mesa
May 11 - San Diego
May 18 - Sacramento 

CE3: Transition. Transform. Transcend.

UC Berkeley's Undocumented Student Program: Your Campus, Your Community

We are bridges

Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3) 

Learn more about CE3 services and new admit events designed to to help you better understand the resources available to you at Berkeley as you navigate your decision process.

Check out our CE3 Eligibility Questionnaire to learn more!

Resources for Undocumented Students.

You belong here.

EOP partners with the Undocumented Student Program (USP) to support the unique needs of our students as they find community at Cal. USP provides Academic Counseling, Immigration Legal Support, Mental Health and Wellness Support, and Financial Support.

View the Undocumented Student Program website for more information about their services.

Connect with students of color through bridges!

bridges is a multicultural student led organization that strives to recruit underrepresented students of color into higher education at all levels, and are committed to providing resources to retain these students. They are comprised of 7 recruitment & retention centers or RRCs:

-Raices Recruitment & Retention Center (Raices)

-Mixed @ Berkeley Recruitment & Retention Center (MRRC)

-Black Recruitment & Retention Center (BRRC)

-Asian & Pacific Islander Recruitment & Retention Center (REACH!)

-Indigenous & Native Coalition Recruitment & Retention Center (INC)

-Pilipinx Academic & Student Services (PASS)

-Middle Eastern & North African Recruitment & Retention Center (MENA)

EOP Campus Resource Guide

Navigating the university landscape can be overwhelming and confusing at times.. Where do I start? What resources are available to support me? Who can I turn to for questions?

Don’t worry! EOP has created a digital resource guide to provide information about various departments and student organizations that you can add to your UC Berkeley roadmap. We offer an extensive campus referral network and partner closely with many of these resources while striving to meet the student’s holistic needs.

Golden Bear Orientation

We also encourage you to attend Golden Bear Orientation. After completing Golden Bear Advising, you may contact EOP for academic counseling assistance and to review your intended fall course schedule. For more information, please visit

Students walking on Sather Gate at UC Berkeley