What is Readmission?

Readmission(link is external)is the process of re-enrollment to the university after a student was absent for one or more semesters due to cancellation, withdrawal, dismissal, or other circumstances. In order to be readmitted, a student must submit an application and fulfill specific requirements set by their college. EOP offers a fee waiver to cover the $70 readmission application cost. To request the EOP Readmission Fee waiver, please complete the fee waiver request googleform here and schedule to meet with an EOP Counselor. 

For students that were dismissed from the university and are currently not in "good academic standing," readmission decisions are uniquely determined by their College based on academic progress and/or personal development during their time away from the university. Students returning on academic probation have the opportunity to use the readmission application process  to showcase the progress they have made while away from Cal.  Your College will determine specific readmission requirements that may include:  a personal letter, letters of support, and any supporting documentation that advocates on behalf of the student’s ability to successfully resume their studies. We highly recommend that students returning on academic probation begin the process of Readmission by meeting with their College Advisor to understand their unique requirements. Please schedule a meeting with any of our EOP Academic Counselors to help you prepare your Readmission application and transition back to campus.

Please keep in mind the important readmission deadlines of November 1st for Spring readmission and June 1st for Fall readmission terms.

General EOP Support Services

Explore Our Resources

EOP offers year-round services for students who are readmitted! From free and reduced resources, workshops, to community events, visit us at our main office at 119 Chavez to speak with someone who can help you explore what EOP has to offer! In addition, you can connect with a wide variety of our campus partners through dedicated EOP Satellite Advising.

Meet With An EOP Academic Counselor

Did you know that EOP offers holistic academic counseling through same-day and pre-scheduled appointments? During these one-on-one advising sessions, you can receive support for academic, financial, or other factors that are impacting your student experience. EOP also hosts Peer and Satellite Advising sessions where you can receive support from other students and departments!

Preparing for Readmission

Meet with a College/Major Advisor

Certain colleges request that students who were dismissed fulfill specific conditions before seeking Readmission. To prepare for your return, we encourage you to reach out to your College Advisor to understand your terms of Readmission.

Request an EOP Readmission Fee Waiver

The Readmission Application includes a $70 fee payable to UC Regents. However, EOP students are eligible for a fee waiver that covers the entire cost! To request the EOP Readmission Fee waiver, please schedule to meet with an EOP Counselor for a Same-Day Appointment or for a future Pre-Scheduled Appointment. Same-Day Appointments open at 9am Monday - Friday and are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. Pre-scheduled Appointments can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.

Apply for the R2R Seminar for students experiencing academic difficulty

Students who are readmitted to Cal with the Academic Probation status are eligible to apply to the R2R seminar! The R2R community can help support you with community and resources to make your readjustment to Cal as smooth as possible.