Academic Counseling

EOP students graduating from UC Berkeley

EOP understands and recognizes the challenges and responsibilities that first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students experience at Berkeley. EOP has developed an “Aspirational Academic Counseling Approach” and specializes in delivering high-quality academic counseling to individual students.  Aspirational academic counseling empowers historically marginalized students with a sense of belonging and ownership of their college experience. Built on a commitment to educational equity and justice, academic counselors practice a holistic, multicultural, and comprehensive approach individualized for each student’s unique needs. With a focus on three core areas of transition, aspirational academic counseling sees students as partners in a developmental journey towards academic, professional, and personal life goals. Building on distinct strengths honed by students prior to their arrival to the university, counselors challenge students to establish new paradigms of achievement and success for themselves and their communities.

EOP helps students balance their personal responsibilities with the academic demands of UC Berkeley. Students receive support transitioning to the university, selecting courses, choosing a major, understanding financial aid, exploring career options, and preparing for life after Berkeley. We also assist students in managing the various extenuating circumstances and unexpected crises that may impact their lives while ensuring progress towards graduation. Undergraduates benefit from our various programs, services, and extensive campus referral network.

Appointments with Academic Counselors:

EOP currently offers hybrid advising, both in-person or via zoom. Academic Counselors are available through our Same-Day Appointment system Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm. Students can reserve a same-day appointment through this link starting at 9am the day-of when bookings are released. To schedule an appointment in advance, please create a pre-scheduled virtual appointment here up to 2 weeks in advance.

Summer Services

EOP Academic Counselors and Peer Academic Counselors provide services to students during summer term via scheduled appointments, drop-in consultations, and occasional workshops. EOP also extends services to students participating in Summer Bridge. For additional information about Summer Bridge, please visit the Summer Bridge Home Page.