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Meet with our team…

We invite students to connect with an EOP Academic Counselor virtually or in-person through our the two options below.

EOP is currently operating in a hybrid modality, offering both in-person and virtual appointments with our counseling team.

Please use the links below to reserve a pre-scheduled appointment with an EOP academic counselor. Please note: our office will be contacting you via your UC Berkeley email address and sending a calendar invite with you as a confirmation of your scheduled appointment.

Same-Day Appointment Schedule

Meet with a PAC!

EOP Students can now meet with Peer Academic Counselors (PAC) by booking an appointment through our same-day appointment link. PAC Appointments become available everyday after 10:30 am through Zoom or in-person, in our EOP community space bNorth. Here is a Youtube video showing you how to find our community space!

Same-Day Appointments

NOTE: New Same Day Appointments become available everyday (Mon-Friday) at 9am. Please disregard the automated calendar message and come back tomorrow to check for new Same-Day appointment availability!

Click here to sign-up for a virtual Same-Day appointment using your bCal account beginning at 9am.

Pre Scheduled Appointments

Reserve a pre-scheduled appointment  up to 2 weeks in advance with any EOP/USP academic counselor through this link.  Both in-person and virtual academic counseling appointments are available. 

For Our Undocumented Community - If you identify as a Dream Aid Recipient and/or Undocumented student and would like to receive updates about the Undocumented Student Program and/or UndocuGrads, please complete this form. Please also email or with any questions.