EOP Achievement Award

EOP Achievement Award

Background image: EOP students and staff attending an awards event

The EOP Achievement Awards Are Not Being Offered in 2023-2024 Academic year

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) honors a select number of students each year with the EOP Achievement Award. This award recognizes students who have worked to achieve academic excellence while contributing exemplary community service on campus and/or in the surrounding community. In the past we have recognized UC Berkeley continuing students in their Junior or Senior year for their accomplishments.

Unfortunately due to funding restrictions we will not be able to move forward with this program in the 2023-2024 academic year. We will be working internally to hopeful bring back this opportunity in upcoming years.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Achievement Award applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

1.Must be an EOP student, meeting the criteria below:

  • Low income (Pell Grant or Dream Act Scholarship eligible as verified by Financial Aid)


  • First-generation college student   OR   Historically underrepresented student

2. Must have demonstrated leadership and service on campus and/or the community-at-large

3. Must have a minimum UC Berkeley cumulative grade point average of 3.0

4. Must have Junior* or Senior standing by the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester. Transfer Students Only: must have completed at least 1 semester at UC Berkeley by the prior to Fall 2022 semester

5. Must be registered as a full-time undergraduate student or have an approved reduced course load (extenuating circumstances for non-full-time enrollment will be considered).

The Academic Achievement Awards Application Process

To be considered for the Academic Achievement Award, a student must submit this form with ALL of the following:

1. Personal Statement (maximum of 500 words)
2. Statement of Post-Graduation Plans (maximum of 500 words)
3. Current Resume
4. Letter of Recommendation, to be completed by someone familiar with your community service. Letters of recommendation should address the following:

  • Length of time acquainted with the applicant and in what capacity.
  • Applicant’s overall potential and strengths.
  • Applicant’s leadership and service on campus and/or the community-at-large.

*PLEASE NOTE: Your recommender cannot be a person enrolled as an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Your recommender will be required to email letter of recommendation on your behalf. Recommendations are due by the Achievement Awards Application Deadline. Additionally, your letter of recommendation should come from someone familiar with your community service. Letters of recommendation may not come from EOP counselors or other students.

* Previous award winners are not eligible for consideration.

Achievement Awards Deadline: November 11th, 2022 at 5:00PM PST

Note: Students that are awarded an EOP Achievement Award must have room in their financial aid package (via unaccepted loans/work-study, completing a Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request (COAAR), or through canceling previously accepted loans from Spring 2023) to receive funds. Awardees will see Achievement Award funds incorporated into their financial aid package and disbursed through their Cal Central account. Any outstanding balance (i.e., library fines, locker fees, housing, etc.) due to the University will be debited from this award, then any remaining balance of the Achievement Award will be disbursed to you.

Please direct any and all questions to Lauryn Holloway at lauryn.holloway@berkeley.edu.