Impact & Data

EOP student and staff participating in a protest

Recent Highlights

  • EOP provided service to the most students in our history with over 18,000 student contacts in the 2013/2014 academic year. This included the biggest Summer Bridge cohort ever.

  • Thanks in large part to a gift from the University Section Club, the Graduation Gown Lending Project launched in Spring 2013 just in time for year-end ceremonies! Alumni and community sponsors continue to provide support that resulted in over 300 caps and gowns being lent to low-income students graduating in Spring 2014.

  • Our Family Dinner helped us celebrate the achievement of EOP students and raised several thousand dollars.

Program Impact

Education remains the best tool for social mobility and a chance for a better life. Everyday, EOP academic counselors and staff work alongside amazing students who, despite their unique responsibilities and challenges, transform their lives through academic achievement and personal growth. We are committed to ensuring current and future generations of EOP students have the support that empowers them to achieve.

EOP Statistic info graph; Image text: Percentage of Berkeley Undergrads Considered EOP 47%, 11,954 Current Undergraduates are considered EOP; average 3.03 GPA, 36.2% of all New Students, 7 Academic Counselor

The increasing demand for academic counseling services indicates the high value that students place on EOP Academic Counselors. In addition, the most recent campus “Survey of New Students (SONS)” ranks EOP as one of the most effective resources for new frosh transitioning to Berkeley (ranking only behind “another Berkeley student” and the Student Learning Center as resources freshman most strongly agreed helped with their transition). The 97% first year persistence rate of EOP participants is higher than both the campus and national averages. EOP continues to work with E&I planning and analysis to conduct comparative analysis of users and non-users (EOP database and UCUES as sources) to further measure outcomes. 

I was a first-generation college student and had no idea how to navigate some of the university requirements and expectations. EOP was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal - graduation from CAL!
1991 UC Berkeley Alumni
As a first-generation college student, the services offered by EOP are instrumental to my academic success. I know I will graduate from CAL because of these services.
Dora, current UC Berkeley undergraduate
The Educational Opportunity Program is where I send all my students for help, advice, love and sanity!
Dave Stark, Stiles Hall Director
Average  EOP student gpa is 3.03