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The R2R Story

Normalizing Academic Difficulty

R2R was founded in 2017 when EOP Assistant Director Yuki Burton observed various institutional equity gaps specific to the retention of EOP students. For too long, our students had internalized the label of "Academic Probation" as failure and defeat without a supportive community to process, heal and ultimately overcome this experience. Since its inception, R2R has grown from a 15 person seminar to a campuswide student network of over 150 students. While the services have expanded, the core mission has remained the same: to destigmatize the shame associated with Academic Probation and empower our EOP students to reach their highest potential at this university.

R2R Community Testimonials

Listen to UC Berkeley students, staff, alumni and faculty share about their experiences overcoming Academic Probation through resilience and community building!

By The Numbers | 2017 - Present

6 Semester Cohorts

271 Personalized Interactions

875 Total Student Outreach

Community Testimonials

What I appreciate about this class is that it perfectly captured the common struggles that EOP students face everyday on campus and acknowledged them as real...
R2R Alumni
I have an unbroken sense of optimism and pride and this class helped empower me to own these feelings and own my narrative to move on stronger than ever before.
R2R Alumni
The course definitely taught me that I am not alone, and there are many people on AP, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for help.
R2R Alumni

R2R Alumni Spotlight

Angela Lawenko headhsot

Angela Lawenko, BA Integrative Biology | R2R SP17

Kira Rodriguez headshot

Kira Rodriguez, BA Geophysics | R2R SP18

Miguel Eamiguel headshot

Miguel Eamiguel, BA Legal Studies | R2R SP17

Christine Nguyen headshot

Christine Nguyen, BS Molecular Biology | R2R FA18

Danny Chera headshot

Danny Chera, BA Sociology | R2R SP18

B-Rod Beteta headshot

B-Rod Beteta, BA Political Science | R2R FA19