Academic Probation

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What is Academic Probation

Temporary Academic Status

Academic Probation (AP) is assigned to students who did not satisfy their college's minimum academic requirements at the end of a Fall or Spring semester. There are three types of Academic Probation: Term, Cumulative, and Departmental. Each type of Academic Probation is defined by a unique set of GPA requirements as determined by a student’s college.

Spring 2021 Update

In addition to Term, Cumulative, and Departmental Probation, students may be placed on Academic Probation based on their college’s modified academic requirements for the Spring 2021 semester. For more information, please connect with your college.


A student is placed on Term Probation if they do not achieve at least a semester grade-point average of 1.5 (L&S, CED, RCNR, & Haas) or 2.0 (COC & CEO). To clear term probation, a minimum 2.0 term and 2.0 cumulative UC GPA must be achieved by the end of the semester.


A student is placed on 2.0 Academic Probation if they do not achieve at least an overall UC grade-point average of 2.0. To clear overall probation, a minimum 2.0 overall (cumulative) UC GPA must be achieved by the end of the next semester of enrollment (probationary term).


Certain departments require students to maintain a minimum GPA for major courses. For example, the College of Engineering requires students to maintain a 2.0 technical GPA and declared MCB/IB students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all major courses.

Spring 2021 Academic Probation Policies

College of Chemistry

CoC students will not be placed automatically on academic probation for taking all courses for P/NP during Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. Students who choose to take all courses for P/NP, and who receive 50% or more units for NP or I, will be placed on probation. Students who are currently on academic probation or who are subject to dismissal may not take classes for P/NP, unless the course is offered only for P/NP. This rule was waived by the Academic Senate in Spring 2020, but not for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.

College of Engineering

For the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters, students will be subject to dismissal if any of the following apply: Overall GPA is less than 2.0; Semester GPA is less than 2.0; Less than or equal to 50% of units completed during the semester are NP. Note that all grades of P for the semester will result in no GPA and will not impact a student’s status.

College of Environmental Design

Students on 1.5 Term Probation who earn all P grades and their overall GPA is 2.0 or above, will clear academic probation CED students currently in good standing who earn all “P” grades will remain in good standing. Students currently in good standing who earn NP grades, Incompletes, or failing letter grades for more than 50% of units will be placed on academic probation and will be required to meet with their college advisor and complete an Academic Success Plan for subsequent term. Students on AP must take all coursework for letter grades. Students on AP may be removed from probationary...

College of Letters & Science

If you are on Academic Probation, you will need to follow typical probation policies around grading options to make letter graded progress. This means that if you are on academic probation, you will need to take all of your courses for a letter grade unless a course is only offered P/NP. Students in good academic standing will not be automatically placed on academic probation for taking all of their courses P/NP during Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. Students who earn all P's will remain in good standing Students who earn all NP's will be placed on academic probation Students who earn a combination...

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Virtual Advising for Academic Difficulty & Probation

EOP Degree Completion Counselor 

EOP’s Degree Completion Counselor can help you navigate Academic Probation by helping you develop a plan that balances the academic demands of Cal with your personal needs. The Degree Completion Counselor can also assist you in managing the various extenuating circumstances and unexpected crises that may impact your life while ensuring progress towards graduation.

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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Federal Academic Requirement

Satisfactory Academic Progress, or better known as “SAP”, is a federal policy that asks all students to satisfy the following three academic requirements in order to maintain financial aid eligibility:

Maintain a cumulative GPA at or above 2.0. by the annual SAP evaluation period that occurs at the end of each academic year.

Complete 67% of all units attempted cumulatively (including accepted transfer units) during your undergraduate career.

Attempted units (including accepted transfer units) must not exceed 150% of the published length of your degree program.

Students who want to learn more about their academic standing and how it may impact their financial aid should consult directly with an EOP counselor and/or the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.