Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

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LSAT Prep Courses:

EOP has established agreements that provide a significant reduction in fees for various graduate/professional school admission exam prep courses for low-income EOP students. Our current agreements for LSAT test prep include:

Princeton Review: One time 50% fee reduction for any exam prep course

Blueprint: One time 50% fee reduction for LSAT exam prep course

Manhattan Prep: One time 50% fee reduction for GMAT, GRE, or LSAT exam prep course or self study option. (Open to all EOP students).

TestMasters: $300 off the live LSAT prep course or receive a $100 discount off their online course

Kaplan: Starting Line Program offers 20-60% off any course based on Expected Family Contribution and GPA information

Testing for the Public

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Exam Fee Waiver:

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) offers a fee waiver for the LSAT to students with financial need.

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●      Financing Law School

●      Law School Resources

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