Wellness Apparel Project

EOP and Rec Sports: Partners in Wellness

EOP is proud to partner with Berkeley Recreational Sports to offer opportunities that enhance student wellness and promote healthy living. Partners for over 10 years, EOP and Rec Sports continue to pioneer new ways to serve students.


UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project

The wellness journey for all Cal students begins with having the appropriate resources to support an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the rising cost of tuition and daily living has created an economic barrier.  As a result, an increasing amount of students are facing the challenge of managing their educational responsibilities while fulfilling their basic needs (food, housing, apparel). 

In direct response to this growing economic need, Recreational Sports, Intercollegiate Athletics, the Cal Student Store and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are teaming up to launch the UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project. The project has been established to provide a secure and active delivery of donated wellness apparel from the Cal community directly to students in need.

The UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project is located in Stiles Hall and aligns with the UC Berkeley Food Pantry as another model of a holistic basic needs support for Berkeley students. EOP manages the day-to-day operations and actively supports the other partners' ongoing outreach to the Cal community for donated clothing. 

Eligibility and Hours

All Berkeley EOP students are eligible to receive free wellness apparel. Students must visit 119 Cesar Chavez Student Center to confirm eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, students can select items from the wellness apparel inventory during our monthly “pop-ups.” Students are eligible to receive items once a semester (fall/spring). The UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project  successfully launched at Caltopia 2016.

Spring 2019 hours

Join us on the final Wellness Apparel Project pop-ups:

Thursday April 18th 12PM-3PM

Thursday April 25th 1PM-3PM

Friday May 3rd 12PM-3PM

Location: Lower Sproul Plaza - Outside of the Cesar Chavez Student Center

MLK BNorth is located on the bottom floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union. Enter through the northside entrance of the building from Lower Sproul and follow the “CE3 Access & Opportunity Programs” signage. See images below.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.54.12 PM.png

Donating Wellness Apparel

The UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project is always in need of wellness apparel that includes sneakers, sweat outfits, shirts and shorts. If you would like to make a donation of new or slightly used and clean wellness apparel, contact Kirk Robles to coordinate delivery of your donation at krobles@berkeley.edu and 510-631-2740. Thank you for supporting our vision of enabling an active wellness lifestyle for the entire Cal community.