Student Testimonials

100% of previous R2R students would recommend this course to an EOP student experiencing academic difficulty!

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.
— Maya Angelou

I truly feel that this class was the most important class I took this semester. It may not fulfill any prerequisites but I know that what I learned here will carry on throughout my academic career and life. I have an unbroken sense of optimism and pride and this class helped empower me to own these feelings and own my narrative to move on stronger than ever before.

The R2R space has made me not define myself based on my failures and current status. I am more motivated and filled with confidence that I could take on my classes this semester and overcome the last.

The course definitely taught me that I am not alone, and there are many people on AP, and I shouldn't be embarrassed to ask for help. This course also created a strong support system and allowed me to escape from the mentality of feeling helpless after lst semester.

The R2R space has impacted me this semester by giving me the space to talk openly about what if feels like to be on academic probation at Cal, especially as an EOP student. What I appreciate about this class is that it perfectly captured the common struggles that EOP students face everyday on campus and acknowledged them as real and gave me space to explore and be vulnerable about topics of failure, imposter syndrome, family issues, self-Iove/hate etc.