“The Road 2 Resiliency: Striving Towards Success and Overcoming Academic Probation”

The Fall 2019 application is now closed. Please contact the EOP front office at 510.642.7224 to meet with an Academic Counselor for support. Questions? Email Yuki Burton at byburton@berkeley.edu

What is R2R?

R2R is a 2-unit letter-graded academic course that creates a safe and brave space for EOP students experiencing academic difficulty to build community and access resources that will serve as a catalyst towards their resiliency and holistic success at Cal.  The curriculum is designed to empower students in becoming more knowledgeable about their College’s academic probation policies while  supporting them in successfully clearing Academic Probation.  Topics of exploration include:

  • Personal resilience & determination

  • Time-management & study strategies

  • Community building

  • Self-reflection & identity development

  • Mental health

Did You Know...

  • You are not alone! Hundreds of students experience Academic Probation at some point during their time at UC Berkeley & many go on to pursue academic endeavors such as research, internships or graduate school

  • EOP students often balance family responsibilities, working full/part-time & campus climate issues which can impact their academic performance

  • Academic probation rates for freshmen increase as the level of parent education and median parent-income decreases (Source: http://opa.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/StayDay2013-FactorsLeadingtoAcademicProbation.pdf )