Partnership and collaboration are key values that EOP has embraced since our inception in 1964.  We understand that these values are critical to serving as effective academic counselors and advocates while fostering a transformative environment for students. In addition to our extensive network, EOP has established a long tradition of cultivating partnerships and collaborations with various units and offices for the benefit of the students we serve.

Academic Counseling

EOP serves as the primary referral destination for the academic counseling needs of the following programs/units:

African American Student Development Office

African American Theme Program

Black College Access Scholarship (Stiles Hall)

Cal Independent Scholars Network

Cal Opportunity Scholarship

Casa Joaquin Murieta--Multicultural Residential Theme Program

Casa Magdalena Mora --Chicano Latino Residential Theme Program

Chicano Latino Student Development Office

Disabled Student Program EOP Trio Grant Students

Native American Student Development

Office of Undergraduate Admissions (Yield participation and referrals)

Summer Bridge Program

Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center

Many of EOP’s partnerships and collaborations are based in large part on reciprocal referrals. EOP routinely submits and receives referrals to/from offices including:

Academic Achievement Programs

African American Student Development Office

Asian American Student Development Office

Biology Scholars Program

Chicano Latino Student Development Office

Multicultural Community Center

Native American Student Development

Professional Development Program

Stiles Hall

Student Learning Center

Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center

Targeted Services

EOP is committed to making the large university environment personal and manageable for the students we serve. To this end, EOP makes use of its collaborations to create access opportunities to our services. EOP has established specific roles with the various offices and programs we partner with. Specific efforts with individual offices include:

Working with the Chicano Latino Student Development Office to: 

Provide semesterly academic counseling check-ins for the 
50-75 CLSD interns per academic year; Assist with the coordination of the annual Chicano/Latino 
Graduation celebration.

Working with the Native American Student Development Office* to: 

Designate an Academic Counselor and graduate student 
intern to identify Native American students and provide 
semesterly check-ins; Serve on the Native American Advisory Council and plan and 
engage in activities that promote Native American 
Undergraduate academic success.

*For over 10 years, SLAS/EOP shared an Academic Counselor, as an in kind contribution, to serve as the Director of NASD.

Working with Casa Magdalena Mora (Residential Theme Program) to: 

Provide academic counseling for the 30-35 Casa residents 
every academic year. This includes semesterly grade and 
course schedule reviews and academic crisis interventions
 to ensure successful academic progress; Designate a graduate student intern to provide bi-monthly 
check-ins with all residents; Make available EOP graduate student intern to 
assist with the planning and facilitation of the weekly Casa 
seminar 98 course.

Working with the Incentive Awards Program to: 

Train IAP advising staff; Assist with academic counseling of IAP new cohorts 
during CalSO; Provide year-round (weekly) training of IAP peer advisor; Create formal partnership to more efficiently serve the needs of low- income students. 

Off Campus Collaborations


EOP serves as campus contact and liaison for the recruitment of eligible students for Inroads internship opportunities. The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

Institute for Recruitment of Teachers

EOP serves as the primary campus contact and liaison for the recruitment of eligible students for IRT. The Institute for Recruitment of Teachers aims to reduce the critical under-representation of certain minority groups among faculty, as well as to address the educational consequences of these disparities. Each year, throughout the graduate school application process, the institute supports outstanding college students and graduates who are committed to diversity and these ideals.

Laney College Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS)

An EOP Academic Counselor serves as an advisory board member and campus liaison for Laney EOPS.

South Central Scholars

EOP provides academic counseling and transitional assistance to newly admitted and continuing SCS students. South Central Scholars' mission is to assist highly motivated high school students from South Central Los Angeles to achieve academic success in college and graduate school.