Graduate School Resources


Resources on Campus

o   Cal Student Central – Sproul 120 (GRE fee reduction certificate, Letter of low-income verification)

o   Graduate Diversity Program – Sproul 327 (GIGS program, video tutorials, handouts, advisor appointments)

o   Graduate Diversity Directors/Graduate Development Professionals across campus 


o   Career Center – 2440 Bancroft Way, across from Lower Sproul

o   Professors, GSIs, College/Major/Program Advisers/Counselors, current graduate students, friends

o   EOP & USP Academic Counselors & Peer Academic Counselors

o   Graduate Minority Outreach, Recruitment, & Retention Office within the Graduate Assembly (GMORR)

o   Graduate Minority Student Project within the Graduate Assembly (GMSP



o   File your FAFSA or your California Dream Act (Dream Aid) Application!

o   Apply for scholarships and fellowships before entering a program as well as throughout

o   Application costs, fee waivers (plan to spend money AND plan to research fee waiver info)

o   IRT, McNair, Mellon Mays, Haas Scholars, URAP, Individually initiated research opportunities

o   Student loans, loan forgiveness programs

o   Talk to prospective university/college AND program of interest for other opportunities

o   Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships

o   Private & professional organizations (student grants, travel grants, scholarships)

o   Google your identities plus the word “scholarships” (i.e. “scholarships for women”)

o   Guide: How to Pay for your MBA


EOP Resources

o   Princeton Review, TestMasters, & Blueprint prep course fee reductions

o   EOP Carroll (formerly Discretionary) Grant: Grad School Fund – offset costs of courses, applications, tests (Fall semester application)

o   GMAT test fee waivers (see more info below)

o   Beyond Berkeley: Graduate School Preparation course (Fall & Spring)

o   CE3 workshops on graduate school throughout academic year


Additional Application Tips

o   Letters of recommendation: build relationships w/ Professors, GSIs, community members            

o   Transcripts: order official transcripts sooner rather than later

o   Admissions folks at school of interest: always available for you to talk to

o   Statement of Purpose vs. Personal Statement: learn the differences

o   Standardized admissions tests & preparation: check sites that administer tests (like ETS, for example)

o   Resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae)

o   Factors in choosing programs: fit, cost, location, professors, research

o   Preparing for Graduate School -


Graduate/Professional School Admissions Exam Prep Courses

EOP has established agreements that provide a significant reduction in fees for various graduate/professional school admission exam prep courses for low-income EOP students. Our current agreements include:

Blueprint: One time 50% fee reduction for LSAT exam prep course

Kaplan: Starting Line Program offers 20-60% percent off any course based on Expected Family Contribution and GPA information

Manhattan Prep: One time 50% fee reduction for GMAT, GRE, or LSAT exam prep course or self study option. (Open to all EOP students).

Princeton Review: One time 50% fee reduction for any exam prep course

TestCrackers: One time $650 fee reduction for GMAT or GRE exam prep course. (Open to all EOP students)

TestMasters$500 off the live LSAT prep course

Testing for the Public


GRE Practice Resources Online

ETS Preparation Resources for the GRE

How to prepare for the GRE Guide

Chegg: GRE Tips and Tricks

Comprehensive test preparation information:


Additional Resources

Law School Information 

Medical School Information 

AMSA Pre-Health Conference

Pre-Health Dreamers: Health Professions Advancement Program


Waivers for DAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT exams

Dental Admission Test (DAT) Partial fee waiver
(also see

GMAT Test Waiver: EOP receives a limited number of GMAT fee waivers to distribute to currently registered low-income students.

GRE Fee Reduction Certificate

Law School Admissions Council Waiver

Medical School - MCAT and application fee assistance

Please note:
Cal Student Central can provide low-income students with a Letter of Low Income Verificaiton that can be used for admission application fee waivers. Many, but not all, graduate or professional schools allow for the waiver of admission application.