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EOP is committed to actively supporting students in their transition into, through, and beyond the university. EOP supports students in their process of considering and applying to graduate or professional school through individualized academic counseling, graduate school prep course, and referrals to a strong network of on-campus and community resources. Currently enrolled, low-income EOP students (receive Pell Grant or Dream Act Scholarship) are also eligible to receive discounts on graduate/professional school admission exam prep courses through EOP’s partnership with exam prep companies, such as Princeton Review and Blueprint. For more info, view the information below.


EOP Discount on Graduate/Professional School Admission Exam Prep Courses:

EOP has established agreements that provide a significant reduction in fees for various graduate/professional school admission exam prep courses for low-income EOP students. Our current agreements include:

Princeton Review: One time 50% fee reduction for any exam prep course

Blueprint: One time 50% fee reduction for LSAT exam prep course

Manhattan Prep: One time 50% fee reduction for GMAT, GRE, or LSAT exam prep course or self study option. (Open to all EOP students).

TestMasters: $500 off the live LSAT prep course

TestCrackers: ALL EOP students can receive a one-time $650 discount on the full GRE or GMAT test prep course TestCrackers.

Testing for the Public

KaplanStarting Line Program offers 20-60% off any course based on Expected Family Contribution and GPA information* 


How do I receive the EOP discount from graduate school exam prep companies:

  1. Be a currently enrolled UC Berkeley EOP student
  2. Check your financial aid package in CalCentral and confirm that you are currently receiving the Pell Grant or Dream Act Scholarship 
  3. Look into the links for the exam prep companies listed above and decide which company you would like to take an exam prep course with
  4. Schedule an appointment with an EOP Academic Counselor by stopping by 119 Cesar Chavez or calling 510-642-7224
  5. Meet with an EOP Academic Counselor who will gather needed information and instruct you in the final steps to enroll

*To attain a fee reduction through the Kaplan: Starting Line Program, please follow the steps outlined in their website through the link provided.

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GMAT Test Fee Waivers

EOP receives a limited number of GMAT fee waivers to distribute to currently registered low-income EOP students. Please schedule an appointment with an EOP Academic Counselor by stopping by 119 Cesar Chavez or calling 510-642-7224 to access this resource.


CE3 Carroll (formerly Discretionary) Grant: 

The Carroll Grant for graduate school expenses provides up to $300 in funds that can offset the costs of courses, prep materials, tests, and graduate/professional school applications. The application for eligible low-income EOP students becomes available in February and will remain open throughout the Spring semester until funds are exhausted. 


Beyond Berkeley: Graduate School Preparation Course

The Beyond Berkeley: Graduate School Preparation course is offered in both Fall & Spring each academic year. This course is open to any EOP student who is interested in learning more about process of: thinking about, learning about, and exploring the possibility of graduate school. There are no prerequisites or year restrictions, we are here to help you imagine and prepare for life after Cal.


Academic Counseling

Talk with an EOP or USP Academic Counselor or Peer Academic Counselor about your options and creating an individualized plan. You can drop-in or schedule an appointment by stopping in at 119 Cesar Chavez or calling 510-642-7224. 


Additional Application Tips:

  • Letters of recommendation: build relationships w/ Professors, GSIs, community members  
  • Transcripts: order official transcripts sooner rather than later
  • Admissions folks at school of interest: always available for you to talk to
  • Statement of Purpose vs. Personal Statement: learn the differences
  • Standardized admissions tests & preparation: check sites that administer tests (like ETS, for example)
  • Resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Factors in choosing programs: fit, cost, location, professors, research
  • Preparing for Graduate School