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Ballot Language

“The Educational Opportunity and Equity Fee will be a $19 fee per semester ($38 total per year), excluding summer, to ensure the success of over 13,000 non-traditional students by expanding the services of the programs that comprise the Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3) including the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Transfer Student Services Center, Student Parent Center, Re-Entry Student Program, Undocumented Student Program, CISN (serves orphans/foster youth), and the Veterans Services Center. Campus policy requires that thirty-three percent (33%) of the fee is allocated for return-to-aid. Do you approve this fee?”

Oversight of the fee will be conducted with input from three entities:

  • CE3 student advisory board with leaders from the ASUC and each of CE3 programs' student associations;
  • CE3 staff, faculty, and alumni advisory board; and
  • Consultation and periodic reporting to Committee on Student Fees, or its successor entity.