Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors serve as academic/professional mentors who support students in engaging further in their academic discipline. These advisors expose students to potential career paths, internship opportunities, write letters of recommendation and can serve as a thesis advisor. Not all departments have faculty advisors; view the list of faculty advisors below. 

College of Chemistry

Faculty Advisors are available to students based on their class standing.

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College of Engineering

Your faculty advisor assignment is based on your major. It’s likely you’ll have the same advisor throughout your undergraduate years at Berkeley. Your faculty adviser also approves your academic schedule. Major Advisors can support in directing students to their assigned faculty advisor.

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Haas School of Business

The Faculty Advisors are a group of faculty who have volunteered to be available to discuss professional and industry related questions as our students pursue their degree.

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College of Letters & Science

In many departments, students may request a meeting with any faculty person of their choosing, or meet with the department chair.

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College of Natural Resources

Students are often assigned a faculty advisor when they declare a major, depending on the department requirements.

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College of Environmental Design

Students develop organic mentorships with faculty through participation in studios, internships, and research. Most departments have a head faculty advisor that is available to meet with students.

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