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Most Recent Webcast - Reach For Success: Clearing Probation, presented by EOP and L&S Advising

(This webcast happened on January, 27th. You can view the video of the webcast here.)

Do you have questions about clearing Academic Probation?  Are you interested in connecting with campus resources for personal & academic support?  Every semester hundreds of students go on academic probation, and many go on to clear academic probation and be successful during their time at Cal. Remember, you are not alone in this process and we are here to support you! 

This semester's webcast will highlight Counseling and Psychological Services as a resource. 

During this webcast, students can anonymously submit questions to a College Adviser and an EOP Academic Counselor about how probation works, clearing probation, creating a balanced schedule, course repeat rules, campus resources, and other relevant topics. Each semester the live webcast will include a rotating panelist representing a campus resource. Please see the second half of the Fall 2015 webcast recording (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDlWBtSSgNA) for information on SLC Academic Success and Strategic Learning resources.  

You can also follow along by viewing the webcast presentation slides here.

After participating, please complete this short survey to help us improve future webcasts.