Ricky Muniz

Little bit about myself (Year, Major, Hometown):

I am a rising third year from Salinas, CA. After this summer, I plan to declare in Social Welfare and hopefully double minor in Education and Ethnic Studies by the time I graduate. I lived in Mexico when I was young then moved to the US with my mom and older brother. I love watching/playing almost every sport (currently have a bad knee though) and enjoy to dance as well, especially Salsa. 

How would your loved ones and friends describe you?

I think they would describe me to be both on the quiet and shy side but also on the energetic and goofy/dorky side, depending on the day. I could be very outgoing yet very calm and reserved. They would say I am I'm a caring person that likes to listen to others and someone who is always willing to go on adventures.

If you could be an element, mineral, or animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a German Shepherd. One, because dogs are my favorite animal and two, German Shepherds are playful and active dogs yet are can be very protective of their family. They are also one of the smartest dogs out there and are man's best friends :)