Justin Loew

Little bit about myself (Year, Major, Hometown):

Born and raised in South LA. I'm going into my third year as an American Studies major with a focus in Public Health and Education.

How would your loved ones and friends describe you?

Energetic, easy-going, competitive, clumsy, 

If you could be an element, mineral, or animal, what would you be and why?

I would be water. I guess this is technically a molecule, but I would be water because water is so versatile. It flows, and it adapts to its environment, but it can also be frozen and transformed to a substance that is rigid and strong. Water is balanced, and it continues to maintain this balance through the natural process of diffusion. Water is life, and it makes up most of us, as well as most of this planet. Water is simply the key to life, and is under appreciated in my opinion. I would want to be water because water is so freakin' awesome!