Graduation Gown Lending Project

Graduation can be a very exciting moment for many of our students, but for some, the cost of buying a graduation gown is another expense that impedes them from fully experiencing the culminating moment of their academic achievement. The Educational Opportunity Program has created the "Graduation Gown Lending Project" to support first generation and low income UC Berkeley students with free rental of graduation gowns. 

Conceived by EOP Peer Academic Counselors, this project was created to help alleviate some of the hardships of graduation expenses. We appreciate any and all gown or monetary donations. With your help, we can ensure low-income students experience the special graduation day they have worked so hard to earn.

Application Process:

The Graduation Gown Lending Project is a service that is only offered to students that are EOP. In order to qualify for the project, a student must either be 1) Low-income and/or 2) First Generation and/or 3) Historically Underrepresented. If you fall under one of these categories, then you can apply for this service! Unsure of EOP status? Stop by the EOP office in 119 Cesar Chavez to be verified by one of our counselors or apply to be EOP here.

*Sometimes students are EOP but may not in our database. That’s okay! Just check in 119 Chavez to be verified and inputted into our system.

Students that apply to the project will be verified if they are EOP by the GGLP team. Students will be notified if they have been approved by Sunday, November 27.

Spring 2017 Application 

The application for the Graduation Gown Lending Project will open on March 19th  at 12pm and will close on April 22nd  at 11:59pm  

Gown Distribution:

Spring 2017 dates for distribution of graduation caps and gowns are as follows:

Wednesday April 26, 11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm.

Monday May 1, 10am-2pm

Tuesday May 2, 10am-2pm.

Return (at 72F Stiles Hall - MLK Basement):


Program Launch

Thanks for your generous donations of caps and gowns! 

Thanks for your generous donations of caps and gowns! 

Thanks in large part to a gift from the University Section Club, the Graduation Gown Lending Project launched in Spring 2013 just in time for year end ceremonies. Alumni and community sponsors also provided support that resulted in over 100 cap and gowns being lent to students. We received more applications than we could accommodate so we still need your support! 

The GGLP has been featured in the UC Berkeley Newscenter and the SF Chronicle.  

To make a gift in support of this project, click here.

If you wish to provide a new or excellent condition cap and gown instead of making a monetary donation, please drop off or ship the item(s) to:

Graduation Gown Lending Project, UC Berkeley Educational Opportunity Program, 119 Cesar Chavez Student Center, Berkeley, CA 94720-4210

Questions? Email or call all 510-642-7224.